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Our team designs bespoke solutions for hotels, leisure centres, gyms and cinemas, as well as for restaurants and cafes. We have long experience of partnering with large and independent leisure companies to deliver cost effective, efficient and reliable solutions that ensure end user satisfaction.

Key requirements include low running costs, low noise, maintaining comfortable temperatures to increase shopper dwell time, excellent aesthetics to suit public areas, low energy consumption to meet carbon reduction targets, and providing hygiene and odour control features.

What we deliver:

Our extensive project portfolio includes chain restaurants, bars, and confectionary retail stores, as well as gyms, luxury and budget hotel chains.

Our offering:


Ducted fan coils (Sapphire, Amber & Amethyst)

  • bulkhead configuration for easy integration into hotel rooms

Wall mounted fan coils (Topaz Vertical Chassis)

  • ideal for mounting within architectural casing or behind a wardrobes

Optional Extras:

  • Project specific touch screen controls complete with specific hotel branding
  • Simple Wall mounted thermostats for easy operation

90° discharge and intake plenums for siting flexibility


Cassettes CWC(H)

  • Specific RAL colours – to seamlessly match the design aesthetics of public areas

Ducted fan coils (Sapphire, Amber & Amethyst)

  • Specific RAL colours – to seamlessly match the design aesthetics of public areas

Optional Extras:

  • Unit mounted set point thermostat with infra-red handset – for point of use control

Master/Slave controls box options – for flexible multizone control