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The CD3 Close Control System is suitable for computer rooms, laboratories and standards rooms where the close conttrol of temperature and humidity is extreamly important. The units are designed to give the specifier maximun flexibility, the engineer easy access for installation and maintenance and the end user ease of operation.


  • Microprocessor Control
  • 4 Capacities in 3 cabinet sizes
  • Downflow or upflow versions
  • Class 'O' thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Washable filter
  • Discharge Plenum (upflow units only)
  • Twin or single circuit systems
  • Electronically controlled fan speeds
  • Top or Front Air Discharge (front return) in upflow configuration
  • Bottom or front air discharge (top or front return) in download configuration
  • Direct drive, double inlet forward curved centrifugal fans
  • Adjustable deflection grilles are available with plenum options
  • Easy-Clean, corrosion resistant drain tray
  • Totally enclosed electric panel
  • 1 Ph - 230V 50Hz, 3Ph - 400V 50Hz

The CD3 Series meets the majority of today's chilled water close control needs, providing air conditioning in both upflow and downflow models. Suitable for areas such as computer rooms, laboratories and standards rooms where the close control of temperature and humidity is extremely important.

These versatile high specification units offer large duties from a small footprint. The quartz chilled water version provides a wide range of customer selected options within the same casing format.

Duties from: 8kW - 20kW

chilled water close control