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Two ranges of product that define the standard for modern cassettes. High performance at low noise levels is to be expected but, in addition, the unique construction reduces installation time and labour and, vitally important in todays health care sector, makes full cleaning and disinfection an exceptionally simple task. Now available with an identical fascia to the chilled beam product to enable "mix and match" selections for high load areas.

CWC(L) 600 and CWCH(L) 600 Chilled Water Ceiling Cassettes

Available as cooling only (CWC) or Cooling & Heating (CWCH)

  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Low weight for ease of installation
  • Completely removable chassis for excellent accessibility during maintenance
  • Low cost to meet all budget requirements
  • A wide choice of units and accessories
  • Wired control or Infra-red ‘L’
  • T range provides high performance for less noise critical applications

CWC(H) 600 cassettes have been specifically designed to allow quick installation into a standard 600 x 600mm suspended ceiling grid, yet also offer an attractive design and are extremely quiet in operation.

CWC(H) 600 chilled water cassettes from Quartz, offer an ideal, environmentally friendly solution for locations such as offices and shops where wall and floor space is at a premium. With a chassis depth of only 305mm it fits unobtrusively within a false ceiling void.

chilled water cassette cwc600

Its slim fascia together with rounded corners will match any decor and give excellent air distribution, whilst the specially designed fan ensures quiet, efficient operation, making the 600 the first choice for architects and consultants alike. A selection of twelve models allows the specifier to chose the most appropriate cassette for the application with cooling capacities between 1.6kW and 5.7kW at Eurovent conditions.

CWC/H(L) 875 Chilled Water Ceiling Cassettes

Available as cooling only (CWC) or Cooling & Heating (CWCH)

  • Low sound levels
  • Long air throws
  • 2 or 4 pipe models available
  • Removable, lightweight high density ‘Caril’ chassis
  • Integral easy to clean, drain tray
  • All services accessed from one corner
  • Coil cleaning from all sides
  • Slim, square fascia with stylish rounded corners
  • Fan speed setting can be selected
  • Wide choice of factory fitted options

Designed for rapid installation and easy maintenance the CWC 875 is the perfect solution for commercial and retail applications, especially where floor and wall space are at a premium.

The proven benefits of a lightweight, removable Caril chassis are enhanced by the use of a single large diameter slow running fan for low sound levels and minimising draughts.

Designed and manufactured in the UK using high quality components, the CWC 875 chilled water cassettes are available with a range of six models with cooling duties from 5.5 to 11.3kW at Eurovent conditions.

Chilled Beam Cassette

  • Condensate can be removed
  • Low temperature water can be used
  • Low installation cost
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • High system COP
  • Easy filter access
  • 4 way discharge
  • Integral, easy to clean drain tray
  • Ideal for use with ‘free cooling’ chillers

The Quartz Chilled Beam Cassette (Patent Pending) combines all the proven features of our range of Chilled Water Cassette fan coils, and the benefits of Active Chilled Beams.

Designed for rapid installation into a standard ceiling grid, the Chilled Beam Cassette utilises a one-piece structural chassis with integral wipe clean drain tray. The chassis, once removed, allows easy access to all sides of the coil for cleaning.