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To view our next video giving a demonstration on how to access High P Level settings on the RDG controller click below...


Building Information Models (BIM) exist for all Quartz standard fan coils. BIM utilises an intelligent 3D model to communicate model specific information in a way that can offer advantages in time, cost and accuracy throughout the project and furthermore the life cycle of the building.

BIM model information

Coloured Fan Coils Available

Aimed at the trend of leaving services exposed and moving away from false ceilings, Quartz are now offering all our ducted fan coil units in bespoke colours to fit with your project needs. This means units can be left exposed but still meet the high aesthetic standrds required in modern buildings.

BIM model information




Total No of Units: 188 Topaz, 39 Amethyst Completion August 2014
Consultant: EC Harris - London
Contractor: RCL Limited - St Albans

Quartz don't just sell boxes, they offer solutions.

Quartz Engineers worked with the consultant for this project, to overcome the problem of finding space to fit controls such that they could still be easily accessed by maintenance staff. A combination of the breadth of our product range and our ability to tweak our products mean we can up with a solution to every problem - well nearly!

"After an issue with the control box mounting, the Quartz team developed a bespoke engineering solution. - EC Harris"

“The sales team were all very helpful and easy to work with. - RCL Limited”